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Psychosocial support

All chronic illnesses can have a profound impact on the child and the entire family, which in some instances can be long-lasting. We are able to offer practical assistance to such patients and families.

Tanja Bauer and Elgin Gräbner, Diploma Social worker, offer the following services for families of children with congenital heart disease

  • Obtaining social and financial help from the appropriate government institutions
  • Organising family-oriented care and rehabilitation in specialised centers of care
  • Solving practical problems related to health insurance and to state or central government institutions
  • Dealing with organisational problems, including hospital accommodation for parents, during the period of hospitalization of the child
  • Questions concerning choice of career/work
  • General problems within the family, which may have a direct bearing on the patient

Care for parents-to-be

Prenatal diagnosis of structural heart defects invariably raises numerous questions and concerns among the parents-to-be. In addition to obstetric issues concerning the mother to be and the postnatal care of the newborn infant with the heart defect, such care often involves extensive counselling of the family in preparation for the arrival of a child with a heart defect. All such issues may be discussed.


bauer-tanja-uniklinik-koeln.jpgTanja Bauer
Mondays to Thursdays
Phone number: +49 221 478-32562
Fax: +49 221 478-32563





graebner_elgin_4947a.jpgElgin Graebner
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Phone number: +49 221 478-32562
Fax: +49 221 478-32563
E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]





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